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What We Do:

We are a public adjusting firm licensed in CT, MA, NH & VT. 

 Consumer Adjusters, LLC is a team of individually licensed public insurance adjusters who can take the burden of your claim off your shoulders and let you attend to your work and family life.  We are experts in the complex arena of insurance policies: we know the jargon and the loopholes that might prevent you from getting the settlement you’re entitled to.

The team of dedicated insurance professionals at Consumer Adjusters, LLC is made up of a team of individuals, each qualified and licensed to represent you in settling your claim. Each team-member brings a unique and valuable set of skills, making the Consumer Adjusters, LLC team a formidable ally in your quest for the best possible settlement for your loss.

From our headquarters in Springfield MA, the Consumer Adjusters, LLC team is well-positioned to serve clients throughout western and central Massachusetts, as well as Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Our Mission

At Consumer Adjusters, our mission is simple: to help our clients with damage assessment, writing the settlement proposal, negotiating your claim with accuracy and professionalism.  

How We Can Help

We have a full-time staff of licensed adjusters with expertise in adjusting homeowner and commercial losses. We write our own building repair estimates and physically inventory and evaluate damaged personal property. In addition, our firm is experienced in adjusting claims for business interruption as well as additional living expenses. 

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Not sure what to do when your home or business and its contents have been damaged or destroyed by a major catastrophe? 

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